Batty Bat of Opensaysme Street (Eagle included too)

Today’s book:

For Source… Not Simoleans. I have something priceless…intangible, invisible, and transcendent; so why more paper when I already know what it tastes like to just-a-number in the site.

David Maslanka : Symphony 5

Headstand or flip screen or shift narrative direction?

You’re used to Chandrayan failing. Thank you Pyramid.

Investigate the book on yeti featuring makuti child abuse rituals, gone viral in Nepal. Focus on the author’s photograph (ripped off in The Chinese Know hotel)

I’m in a Hello World(you had me at) mode now, so The Book of Hands is (HOLD/PAUSE). Here’s an archetypal image of the Moon with a High-Forehead that does not wane

Only Water will unlock the perceptive field. Do it now? y/n

Identify the Magic Stones (Bonus Quest), and the invisible image tied to this Image. Hint: Wave 109 material

Meanwhile, we can study that awesome book on alchemy by Alexander Roob

Stones are a step in the Ladder to Heaven(FREE). You cite makuti scriptural sources that make no sense, like the Ignorance inducing devils of darkness ( they hide…because they have things to hide… And because if they play it right, evil forces will (try to:game) overwhelm them)

Back to the Moon: Plants versus Zombies. Water is the safest path now. Purify all fires, purify the image (Psychic Game Challenge) (you now know how it works)

The game is called: Build a Healing Spring: Us versus Evil

High-Def Game: PS109: uploading on ….

Start the Game(ClickNotWeavingSpiders… Evil will be Fire Marshalled)

Investigate the Adventures of Sohin in Mount Fuzzzy Simulation. Not a Label. Bindu is union not JappyBundu

Hmmm… very patriarchal, huh? Switch!

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