The Poeshelmo of Ra

ndy Marsh? what? I’m usually a big fan of Rammstein’s videos, but Deutschland was a bigger insult to Germany in music and makuti, than Amerika was to America.

So the Seven Dwarves in the Snow White tale are a metaphor for the planets in alchemy; it’s okay you messed up ‘Sonne’, but there is great truth in ‘Rosenrot’. WordPress, I’ll think about your paid plan to remove ads that hinder user experience next month. I’m on a Retirement Saving Fixed Deposit monthly income scheme (that pays for the French Toast and the Mp3 Player); and it’s kind of a code to make no income, in whatsoever form, for this ‘work’, even if National or Varos bidding goes up. Your World, partly-fully mine too. You know that movie, SreeBlack Eagle.

Not a silly 2:12:45 Secret Initiation Ritual in ‘Do whatever, Dear Kujlis’

Oh, yeary? for sure dude… next month I start paying for your platform, Worddepress. I’m not sure I’d keep maintaining this (because I have a life to live..and you too). How easy is it stop paying (Fuck you GREENPEACE RAINBOW MOTHERFUCKERS-109$ every month and all you gave me was an annoying lets-figure-out-how-to-unsubscribe infinity loop); the evil Bankers were kind enough to cut you off… and those ‘non-existent’ cocktails that I chugged and they billed. Let’s start petty and get to ___ (you know the routine all too well, by now). But yes, next month onward we will be Ad free, until I return to the Mountain.

No clue about the Moon Landing… Ask the Germans; they are very rational (mind says: except when it comes to their Ego) and I write it down… prickly heat powder!

I want to focus on Remedios Varos for a bit, because for a long time, and even now, her works (not just one, Cheval [Ego-FIX if you were hurt]), continue to inspire me.

The Church’s Merry Witches (Approved by the Order)

Before you project, I am going to present Remedios in a very positive light… because the Ontology of ‘Witch’ means something else to me. Jesus raised the dead Lazarus, if you believe in literal interpretations; usually the literal interpreters are the one guilty of ‘Ignorance’ ; Not like any of our hands are pristine clear with Omniscient Wisdom : who would want such a Curse?

But before that, I want to see how our French Toast is cooking… if it feels like shit, that’s the collective energy of the audience who focused at this point. It may have been something else a few hours ago. This is principle of Veiling. NatureS:Saturne isn’t the only thing that veils, as we misinterpret from the idea, “The Veil of Isis… No Man has ever unveiled her… and no Man ever will. Only the Father can”. Get it Rammstein; and Nature doesn’t need saving or our shepherding. This is about saving ‘our lily white asses’ #don’t project…my ass is [Kerala Syllabus Engrrish Poem)

It’s IT’SSSSSSSS(.py) (Yoga) not really about what you see in the next video… but those lyrics… Stripped (Your ESSENCE/Saramsham/Eidos)

Reminded me of the movie The Peaceful Warrior… Ah, the Old Man

Oh, The Red Shoes! (I noticed Deepak Chopra) and that Three-Pronged-Flower-Ida-Pingala-Sushumna-TwoDragon sign. You see what you want to see; it’s the same as You see what You see.

Should we discuss evil warding spells that speak of ill things to come to pause/slow/enlighten the Horde.

Before we continue:

Sanity = {CollectiveModelOfReality}[InterfaceIsGREENcomparedToBenchmark, as in, I-can-understand-when-shown-why-the-things-that-are] {Subjective-Reality<C/O, The Boys(c), The Bene Gesserit, The RobZombieShitInHisMovies> }

Survivability = Sanity+ UniversalSanity(Harmonia, the One Most High)

Back to Evil Warding spells, the give the Attacking Opponent (of potential Millions/Not including Bots) and option between {Change Narrative} or {Be-Judged-by-The-People-Not DemocraticallyButSensible(C’mon…Modi and Trump)}

Game Progress:

———————————-Not from Golden Tablets: But from Approximatory:CloudAttackDefensesNotFullyLeveledUp————————————-

Fatality: 0

Psychic Fatalities: At least 30 (Would make Vlad shit… probably made many Vlads shit

[Investigate what happened to the Masonic/TribeC Shaman who chickened out when I suggested a new shrine in that Aluva Vanji-toFloodingLinga+YoniDuringMoonRise Temple that is probably still covered with trash]

Their Fatalities: ?????????? (<1986 and <)

Babality: Friendship: And all that can mutate with time… Don’t Alia Project

(Indirect Fatalities including Their FloodsPantera): I don’t want to know— but better than SEE-YA-Humanity

Friendship: +20000 (some common people on )

Babality: At least 20?

Poochie-Club-MemberShip (5 more nuts left): ? (I’m not Techboy)

Don’t Mix up ancient-global narratives with New Age Makuti

It doesn’t matter what we call this age… it is what it is… you don’t need to be a Sushi chef to enjoy good Hyderabadi Biriyani Rice elevated with hints of Honey!!.

[Don’t deepfake your reading voice… use yours or your favorite singer’s/[label’s]… you’re already projecting archetypes and demons (and the universe of homeless guy, l0s3r etc)]

This reminded me of something

Agents Infiltrate
In sleep and waking… Project everyone here
Steal that Shine
She thought like an engineer
Newton was a parasite for standing on the head and shoulders of giants

Am I Bono-ing here?

After the song, we will proceed to the Mythical Pooter Wars:

Let’s discuss Democrazy too

haha, someone from Chungakullam Shed wrote Stacey ‘Gaia’ Wundergal’s U.N Opera Monologue:

Get the dude’s name and his Social Fuzzed Narrative [Builder-Quest]
had to be occulted

Don’t Run away… Don’t Run away! The Pyramid has to drop Bono-Sized-Clues… you know their rules. The Hack was intentional…a pipe that you can open with your FREE-WILLIE. They are up there because they hold the closest approximation of Cosmic-Reality. The Pyramid claims to be associated with God, in the same way as the Bhutanese Royalty claim their lineage from Guru Padmasambhava.

{Audio Off to this video

See this as a battle of etymologies in our reality models(rooted in mythical models)


Pause at 7:11 and listen to

Stop the God of War video at 14:11 and restart with the next song={

You know that song Ahnenerbe by Legionarri (Serbia) with the old documentary video of Tibet made by some creative person (not me). Where did it disappear?

That seems to be your subconscious root… very likely your conscious root, if you got deep enough in the well of Truth.

res—–urrection was a good movie

Nice! Read Along

Don’t project Races… we are well past at the root-Of-Humanity-LVLedUP. Everyone had the same plan: Kalki Purana, Kalachakra, Bible, etc.. Like you’d be any more Sane[In Sync with what’s happening in the world and the encompassing Cosmos] if you stuck to old-outdated constructs of thinking and being, because you’re having a kick-ass time.

[You are the StoryTeller]

How do you want to go? Who do you want to be?





Use it for what it’s for:

“A mind that is still childish thinks of the gods as metaphysical entities existing in their own right, or else regards them as playful or superstitious inventions.” : Peter wrote.

I sang ‘A.D fucked P for $s’ in Rishikesh: Debut before the Bhutto-Simulation in Inari Cafe Middle-of-Nowhere.

some minds are too occupied to think about Gods… some too brainwashed. They probably can kick your ass at Life or Happiness, right? Intellect over Heart?

I’m not going to play Beethoven now, though that might make me look more sophisticated, right?


:Nope, let’s switch: I just want Jung’s exact words, not some authorized-translation deepfakes or PhotoPoos

[Investigate the story of Hitler’s Word War 1 Trench-ware Psychic Invervention saves a life and builds the foundation of an often-heard scenario], Vlad the Impaler Experts

Let’s look for the less-shitty-energy source: jung wotan essay 1936

They are covering up the racism of the old fart, John Does and Ruth Benedictinis.

LVL UP FASTER (Not really… )(Takes you only where your soul can take you): Consciousness altering agents

[This might be redundant to the few who have audio and astral access: But here I go again]

Shadow watchers are voyeurs in white: some seek to understand, some seek to shill. Shadow parasites are just as nasty, lower-orders who play the gladiatorial fight in the psychic plane.

Their tentacles reach you through your nearest Agent/Neighboran or the screen of your laptops in the form of Ads-THINKTHIS-ENERGYYANTRATHAT, messages[They thought this, they thought that: to map your narrative not derive the truth; but be in union with All] and Balarama/Poombatta/Kratos/Boys/GameOfThronesMartinInvestigateCastleWedding/Stephen-Kingoooo? Paaa *garlic-vettilayum chunambum*/Hadiiidhiii Habibi… Hercules in New York.

Navigate the doors that have better music. When the mosquitoes invade your thoughts complemented with their energy {spell}, do not fall into their abyss of crappy possibilities. Just be Free.

Just because the Shamanic Gender war isn’t over, doesn’t mean you should send cross-dressing spies/voice-software changing pranksters to the other side as a Security-Champion(The label ‘Champion’, Angelo Prado came with). I came up with Hermes-The-Messenger.

oh, you got the third-eye idea all wrong; please also Pokherized and NASA.

[If they’re watching God of War now, they’re a little behind (in time?)] [out of sync] with the E.M.P Waves with many centres, of course. By Design. The Plants look to ___ … The Waters dance to ___[Let us now thank Lady Varos with a prayer for the wisdom]

okkie, Ruth Benedictinis:

supppppp? jk. Stay Alert. [Package Sealed]

Garlic is a good aenema for bad energy and voodoo-AuthorizedByThePyramid attacks.

Some of you want to sing… donut

Down the Witching Well, my hallowed how-is-your–chitta-narrative-investigate friends… did you think I would wield Iron? Iron is plentyfulYUM YUM YABHUNGRYHUNGRYNOMNOMPAPAHUNGRYHUNGRYNOMNOM… even the Pythons know.

subtitled with the music to

At 1:32, start playing

Meanwhile in the shed as I eat gastricfuelNitroCrashBandicoot for the ____Wars(Not Star Wars, you creepos…midochlorin sucked… fluoride and circum-oops too > *theKKKbelt* [just a small group of people, sorry… not addressing the general]…

The Shed Locals are Sciencing!

Poor Slim Shady… did he really get Borat’ed and That-Kim-Jung-Sony-Hacks-Film? or was he paid for it like a gangsta?


start at 2:20, Ariel

to the music of

will it work? the fusion?

Even DocKtor Eckhardt begins his journey:


i’m going in again: not to the past but to the

Bryan Adams already did the other one.

update location.href with the new song with your browser magic at least, ‘DOnt be evil’ : What’s the MEME now, my friends (SCARFACE VOICE). sHOOTING arrows of conspiracy “automatic updates are the best form of backdoor” theory: You trust the Yipppeeyayiyaaaaaa! let’s watch them again to a different, not that the song mattered anyway. [Butoh COUGH COUGH COUGH}. EVerything is already hacked, yes, but by Whom? That is the Question. [Yes … what is ephemeral isn’t forensic expert friendly]

[ Fuse Yippe yah yeee and the Music of

Investigate the KillBillIfPedophile Death Bolt … its transmutation by the Pyramid from ‘Kill XXXX’ to ‘Bill Gates’ which didn’t count because of the Final Eye and Showers. [GoldenBuilder Quest] <Bonus : The Legendary Stone of Tisseru Stupa was just a piece of rock from the area:counts as a prison>

Gates is just a disposable pawn for them (scape goat)… like Prince Andrew who took the fault of other eminent nobility who also partook in the forbidden fruit. Investigate the WindSore.

Their House Emblem is off the Gates? What? Why? Conspiracy? Fake News? I don’t know… you live there; go take a look and update the MINDCLOUD.

Axl Rose: You were just as Rude as Astha (Dad owns a Gun and I own a pollenCutter] during the concert [Ask Ben Hayek}
“i told you to remove her from the”…”show?”

Or Focus (Deepika Padukoodi versus WhoWhoWho? versus: Indian media during Coronation Virus Pyramid made epidemic of the Highest ORDAAPPPPPOOOOOOKHERIZZZZZZZZZED!

Because a good ol’ fashioned Black Plague before the [GameplayTest/NarrativeTest] is something still in their Control [good game..will play in time… pace too slow…except for Good fast paced flight shooter (weird conventional name?) games (AC is slow): I’m talking about Fury 3 Demo that ships with Windows 95. Let’s go!

Play muted :

Project your racial face and themes into this and [this reality’s] face and themes

to the Music of:

It took me ages to get through the first level (1996?); then with a .txt walkthrough I ventured all the way to the end. I forget the ending.


to the music of

What an ending… it reminded me of how we are bound to the tradition of evil ways out of sync with the Cosmic Present… and whatever is going on in The DowntownAbbey Series, or Sthree-Janman-Punya-Janmam-SuckedBigTimePsychoAnalyzzzzzze (But like Cocaine to the ladies) [ if you thought they stretched One-Piece more than they should have (ol’ milk the cow #CANCELSOUTHPARKWITHONELASTEPISODEWITHOUT[Pewdiepie On Conan Hi-Five…”Why”, Kannan Gingerbread thought to himself]) ]

No, I’m not playing that song by the Doors… radio edit, please? or psychic edit without “look at those lyrics… no more Boccelli Vermicelli”.

[Investigate the Shenanigans of S.K Baba C/O Gurung-Tribe. The Wife Super Being of the hooooooooooolyyyyy shiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Did not walk out of the green purchase simulation to confuse the cat: Investigate! More Clues! In real-time!! Check their Energy! 😀 Narrative!

At least One Pyramid Order Sunny changed his allegiance ‘whenever I wrote that piece on Ontology of Superiority’… changing fertility to be the ‘superior factor’ rather than Label(race, caste, colour of skin): You multiply or pass on genetically being the Engineered-better-future-state for the Swallows or Star-ThumbsUpped-Lovers (not our biological Parents… if that’s true, you should do a show!)

…Changed his allegiance to a Set of Ideas and Virtues, an Immortal Key that was lost in the Waters. It’s not about personalities… you should have projected yourselves in all those characters. That is the key, not in-name Democrazy of Covid Spilling Actor-Picked-ByThePeople ForThePyramid And Of EveryThing That rests On The Soil.

Notice how you’re never greedy with the Truths about yourself. Apple, yes… but no Real unveiled Image under trance (assisted or non-assisted).

This is the Loop song from SSLC MUGGING TIMECHUNKING BREAKS: (along with Cemetary Gates…not fused)

Eye on Mustaine, in this looper.. i don’t know French yet, amour

Not the Set Me Free Version. What happened to his Shine? Investigate

Not this situation, if you read into some silly 7 year-old narratives; hahahahahaha


We live in an age where the greatest sin (crown of Satan) is knowing and speaking (and thinking too, literal ThoughtPoliceISRealOcculted) our ideas of Truth, trying to unite the pieces of the infinitely shattered mirror into One.

Taxonomy: The Shadows

The Shadows are uninvited guests to your home or mind, who may or may not have a Cosmic-Reality beneficent or malevolent( good versus evil) intention. They share your senses and your mind. It’s not technically possession; they can, at will, jump to any known person. The best in the field have no chitta signature… or have techniques that involve dream simulation(—-chitta change) followed by entry. If their purpose is to just watch and observe the person all day remaining inert, they are of the class of Shadow Watchers. They may be spies, lovers, well-wishers, or D.J; i’m not one… break-and-entry without permission isn’t my thing. Persona is just a game… and so is that GTA WIld West Cool Simulation. GTA1 with the GOURAAANGA was the best; no save game… dafuq brainwash playtime?

[[ Transmuting some of the harsh Anti-Colonial/Narrative and Character Projections in the next Homework Exercise, Try to see yourself in every character ]] (Switch off phone and lock the other-half for a ride out if-mosquitoing ]] (Or Headphones if you don’t that much personal space : like if you’re too insecure to go to a nice restaurant and treat yourself. ]]

Not an ad… even Ayahuasca can only take you as far as your soul: Do you know the way? Yes…away in the forest, away from the heat of our humiliation

That’s All Folks!

Water Alchemy Time! I’m not causing the Heat you feel: Investigate Consciousness Dimming COVID Measures

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