Wave I isn’t the Bootloader

Ever picked up old photographs and made a comic out of them as a child?

Enters Password: 1666Fires911’Sacrifice!=Murder’
What’s a Nims?
Scan the Effigy burning for the Masonic Overlord’s closer-glance [Rishikesh]
You’re thinking of Black Paths with no Cake
Thinking in BASIC, again
Indra is a Dragon too…
There is no Mani here… hmmm… in a sense there is, if things that spin are powered by your ‘mani’

Ever felt astrophylite energy?

Lost them all… but can still feel them here… it’s not time travel, right? That only makes theoretical sense. What if: i photograph an image and burn it… and then we look at it? What would one feel? Fire while burning, and ___
Just Order based on Mirror… the Disorders are in our perception (by design and youtube recommendations)
like the [Labels]… Jews in the case of Christian History; the Crusades first hit ? then ?
Replace Labels with Root-Label-In-Your-SymbolBank
it’s 5:32 P.M
The Messianic Veil unVeiled
I met the real Tech Boy a long time ago… *sigh*
Not an Ad, 1989ers
This is very hard…. Write the Biography of Buchner
Scary people indeed… even if you stay away, they come for you [Investigate the Comical Insult-Revenge Dream Simulation of Masked Locals]
This is Shadow C/O North Beach’s short stay in the Inner Richmond
Walk away, Dan Brown… Phone Mugged post upload (phew) Violated a Lima Abbey Sign…
Sorry Bill Clinton… Nothing Personal, you know
His work is Makuti… but the Android is a Dragon

The great measurement: The Antares Revolution is coming to an end:

The SFAI now have an entire class based on this homework assignment / a rip off of it made it to the shed art thing
This version again

This is a dharana from the Bhairava Vijnana Tantra 🙂 [the image below] [judge me, don’t judge me…mmmmmm…DONUT

[waiting for facebook.com ……]

Before I upload, let me clarify that the sense of taste and the sense of smell (hahaha) are to be balanced in the same way as all the other senses. I know nothing about come-stables/food/PIndaPpertiff/Omakasazi except [ask the Juicery lady what I did to her French Toast]

Before we proceed to the next image, let me warn you brothers, this image must be kept away from feminine eyes (like the Kalagynomia)

Before you Instagram it all… Focus on the taste… pool together the best tasting French Toast ever (C/O Cinderellas, Inner Richmond). Why does Taste correspond to Water? (Answer in Wave 1 or 2)

Why does WordPress demand a payment in the cart on a Free Plan? I’m in a developing world-liveLife by the month on my 401k silent-dormant not-a-three-year-trader-even Gils.

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