Balarama versus Butterfly versus The Blue Queen

The children are in trouble again… They invoke the mantram,” Om krim little One Punch Man…………”. Luttappy is a child and a untouchable.

Makuti, my maalootytowns

! Investigate the prayer interruptions of Max Leyf and team. They turned me into a puppykungfupandaKickedLokiJimCarry’s jester hat off the Tekken Veera Gadha.

Investigate Junoon lead singer’s conspiracy theories of label nature
“Fresh meat……….…”, As Mr. Tournada of Ladakh said. Not that fresh… Frost bite was meh. Snake bite rollercoaster life is a highway… On and on

Not for those who don’t go to that side of the jungle

[Windoze is a little less doSed now that we (this communication platform that involves all producers:your recommendations/graffiti etc.) have more partitions. Side Quest: Why is getting Linux to run becomes a quest in Nethack (Slashem). Too many manuals… Hephaestus (Hepatitis-19) has a lot of patience and just one passion. Investigate the Ares makuti. If the Gods aren’t supposed to be any better than us (Swallows versus The Chimp: The LoveBird Story of Astha SinghalaBinghala Discover), because someone interpreted “As so Above, So Bellow” in an old idea that still isn’t clear to me. What is not here , is nowhere else. Is Bill Clinton here? Oh, The shed has the SunSeed case (Suryanelli: Investigate a fate worse than Aslan the Lion Aghori). Some of you are drawn and some of you are repelled; is it not natural? As you branch out and expand your mind and mutate your symbols, the question of sanity poses itself a question, even before the gate… maybe even right after you leave your cozy home of ‘conditioned to it’.

Sean Hannity: Sanity:

Get to 1:00:00 and watch until 1:01:50

You know that Levi-Strauss quotation from Wave 1? Not the Jeans dude, but the g-109 (does not last as advertised) dude:

Because everyone is an expert at Psychology now. Some one saw ManiChitraLock{Makuti and Terrible acting: except for ShobhanaaSaree}

Flashback time:

Are you the healer, the patient or the shaman? Or are you the disease-agent, the megalomaniac, or the Brujo-of-the-Highest-Orda? What are your myths? You watch a children’s film called Mommy Market and remain in the narrative of being a Predator, some of you. You sink into the film as though you were a child again, a mother again, or dreaming again, maybe even for the first time. You sink into music, you sink into the trees, the plants, the Sun, the Moon… and the games. To even bring up the often facetiously thrown statement “We are all hypnotized… from Birth… the rituals… the heart chakra abuse… the cartoons… teenage mutant ninja turtles living over-ground controlling you. They walk in broad daylight because they’re Heroes-in-a-Half-Shell, Ogway (“My Father” in Vietnamese voice) Power. So what if MummRa and that Thundercats Blonde went out… how does your life reflect any differently back then and now? You don’t apply the same level of perception when it comes to your self-image; Truth and Know thy self, right? Looks good on a Plaque. So if the lead from Old Boy is played by you, and you’re released into a Pindari Box of Memory-Loss, Super Simulations of many-layers (Inception), how is it that you can rationalize your Reality?

It is common for many known scholars to fall for the U.F.O sub-culture. How easily is it for our current day occulted technology to build a silly disk or construct a massive t-cup between Mars and (Jupiter or Earth?). Do you know the guy who wrote Prometheus Rising, E-Primers?

Back to the 90s: (Even the next gen will be amused by the opening music track: Tron)

[Second Run: Mute the video, turn subtitles On and listen to this (or any other genre/artist of your choosing:BONUS POINTS! XP BOOST) ]

on until you end a whole new lap 2

The Order Controlling the Plumbing is having a PAIN-IN-THE-ASS with one silly drop

So if we’re all schizos (like that Linux distro CIA-game guy) and we’ve agree on the same poisoned idea that NietZsche was always right (even in his last book where he embraced Buddhism not knowing the real history-is-a-mystery behind the scheme of things, including his narrative turn). Maybe Marx was afraid of publishing his truths, and not Universal Truths, until after many years posthumously.

Earlier this morning, there was this idea, of One Eye-Occupied-Drone flying machines mixing forest flight auto-obstacle-evade navigation, with a manual eye-close-EyeOpen driving mechanism. An army to prevent further destruction of the Forests with artificial ‘forest fires’. Some things have to be done in parallel to fuzz the overall narrative (That Book: The Stand by Stephen King? or that Korean Movie with the 109: Doomsday Book).

At this point we must start thinking of the term Sanity in terms of degrees; how can a model based on symbols be ever non-binary or complete?

They got the fairy, alright… The Eagle got the Crow that got the Sparrow [Roman Vassilskie [Check]].

Investigate the Artist who played with Orion in RIshikesh… no smudging, asshole

Bindu: Sun+Moon Union in many metaphysical models, Indian, Christian, Jewish (Chochma+Binah=Kether), Math(2+2=5)… “Not Japan, fo sho”, in Max (Ask Ian and Astha)’s Voice

Ask Ian the Intern about Prometheus Rising… Let’s go to Bhutan (the Bindu in the Yantra) [Don’t Project… I donnoo… return eeh eeh uuh uuh]

Find rest of his poetry while I get my ass kicked…

Investigate the Old-Fashioned Wine Chugging Desmodium [The Mezza Orion Pest Control Story}
Not simulation, But Mirror Mirror Alchemy Mirror

[Non-Negotiable Narratives– But Negotiable States of Cons.._ERROR,ERROR!

Elon, do we have the man-controlled drones ready to psychically track forest fires? use stones to scale

Don’t care about my elastic-language when I can deliver the message clearlCOUGHCOUGHCOVIDLY to your Elders. Look how this last line could be misinterpreted as. Clearly became veiled as Covidly, by the Pyramid Order of THE_LOST_PROPHETS(The lead singer…ehhh).

This was not just in response to Angelo Prado’s comment about Al Khamia or His meeting with the Dogs during the Wedding: It’s a Remedios Varos// Please reverse-Image search if you are concerned about source etc. All from the Same, the Same from the All: Has it been every any different? SHADOW_IsGaiman’sBitchNotMine

If you’re always looking at things from a money or shine component, you might see all the labels and not the music or a lazy morning playlist,; even when there is no money component. Haha, told you so, the oney xomponent, I mean, money component, my “colleagues”.

Investigate the prediction voices… Pipe Control Twats

I hear the local electricity distribution team is going to be privatised. They control the Water supply too… Creating their antiHigherConsciousness narratives

Let’s watch the intro to PS4’s Control aka Ghost Busters Amanda Dunham Solo

[So Hiss is Amanda Dunham’s Little Brother? ]

<< Peter’s (from Ayahuasca:Peru 1st Drink-with-us-my-hearty-simulation Performance at Anna Cafe, Rishikesh: Investigate the birth of Raggy Lund Boy>>

I don’t own a phone, but Sindarin goes, “He looks just like you”. I thought that was me, the first time

Investigate hardKKKore Social Fuzzing

The Fuzzes get a future simulated reality that mimics their planned trajectory (They will fuck him up 😦 )

Investigate the differences between the ChungakullamShed Matinee (Film field is sooo respected) Odiyan, Lucifer, C.I.A, Android Luttapy, Kujli Versus Pindari, Muad’dib And BigMomma, Homiebama Alone: The Bamboo Effect, That Kalari Film during Kalari mini-learnTheWondersOfCasteSystem-knickerSplits.

[Investigate the Entire History of Juicery Cafe/Not an Ad] (not Utham’s story… the other simcard story) <Builder Level Quest: Solos too>

[Alien Ant Farm: Smooth Criminal : Pass… ]

[Third Eye Exercise: Focus on the Eye… goto…scroll through their recommendations just sensing energy. Switch to all your regular sites and start documenting their energy signature. Compare with time]

Investigate all the paintings in UbiHARDKKKKORE’s Hitman:

AT 6:40
So why play games? Fun!

In a short time, we will begin the explorations of various blackboxes…. (I am staying away from the bootloader for now, HEPATITISES)

We start the next muted video with

That’s a lot, huh? Dawood Rangan has the best vanity paintings in his hall. If you want to reach Providence, drop a line down Ubisoft and network all the way 🙂 [Assassin Grade Quest]

First, a small presentation by Mr.P on shamanic scaling. Replace all technical words with appropriate labels. [Not affiliated with the Mooninites][Forsaking a little NDA violation for general knowledge expansion, Best Practice?]

To the Music of:

[To give you a gist, this is a presentation on how to scale security capabilities (defense) to non-defense personnel in a corporation; this scales well in all other aggregations: nothing new here, though. Thank you Miss. Varos/Klimt/etc(Did not Peret). Not a pastebin dump or something; just information/SIMCARDwhatareyouafraidOf?

Sorry for the Upload delay: TechBoy is Scanning|

Here we go: Let’s change the music

Open this powerpoint in a VirtualMachine, if you are paranoid: everything’s hacked anyway and they build the machine: who has the time or focus?

Sorry about the formatting issues.. should have PDFed… not that Adobe is any more secure (hahaah)

Replace QE Champions with Unit Name/FoxHound/PooterBooter/TurboIII,I,I,I

Project solutions.

Clearly a better way to scale and beat The Corona Virus Team.

In the next exercise, replace XSS with ThoughtControl and CSRF with SOCIALFUZZDIDIT listening to


Pardon the slide 46 spelling mistake; it is an HTTP Engrrrrish Error. Who watches the Watchmen : Slide 72.

[Bonus: Find the Shark Tank PPT that i do not have locally]

dafuq is a sagitariotic?

Replace Makuti’d lyrics with [New Concepts that fit in]

[Hint: What is the difference between Hel, Hell, Underworld, Underwear Man, Over World, Spirit World, Source]

Haven’t read: Mirror, Mirror, even Soman’s son hasn’t seen Nirmalyam’s Makuti National Award?

Upcoming: More Wave 1ing

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