Operating Systems Migration

After a lot of blackbox poking, by sheer chance or psychic assistance, I decided to switch the Boot mode of my BIOS to Legacy mode; When you attempt at that, if you have my family laptop (acer-iDidn’tPick), you will get a warning message “Yo dawg… If yo want windoze 7+, legacy is not gonna work”. But magically in legacy mode, USB converted installation disk of Slackware (you pick your distro… it’s not like we all have the same storylines: this act is metaphorical), and not DVD live-linux disks (for some reason unknowable from the “fucking line is loose, dawg…insert another disk) error message.

All One Terabytes of data in one partition ( I didn’t set it up). After a Shrink (Harddisk-Partition-Split) attempt yielded a possible new partition of [BBC=Intellect=Size](Still classier than that Asian Academy San Francisco Indian Maa KaKiKu Dhoodh exhibit), i had to defragment the damn thing after deleting off my pirated store of Rick and Morty. Now I have 7 Gigs… good enough for a minimal installation of Slackware; Slackware’s cfdisk does not support partition splitting, in case you were wondering… and I’m a little too rusty to use fdisk as of now (the harddisk contains shared data belonging to others).

Before we start today’s simulation/ride/dance/your-label/not-a-fucking-film-how-smart-are-you?, I would like to ask the Monty Pythons permission; permission to upload a backup (pirate) of the Mynah Bird sketch (the original flying circus one) from my purchase complete set of Monty Python’s flying circus; James Dolph judged me for that purchase: “it’s on Netflix, yo”.

I promise you that things will not get this technical, after a successful migration into smooth sailing.

If that story of the California Old Lady sacrifice came up, after yesterday’s YuppieYuppyyaaaah, i think the label-bias narrative-bias [and my harmless veil of you probably don’t need to know that now… Your ‘ha ha’] needs more depth and de-fragmentation and consolidation.

Dafuq is a uefi? Features of windows that I would be losing like? Bad performance, maintainability, lackofcustomizabilty and steam?
On the road again

I mentioned patents for a narrative reason. Break Em.

Source: negate the makuti, unintentional or intentional
7 Gigs buy you … Free shit available to everyone

Don’t project into all the lyrics… But your projections will tell you something

Fyodor might see thing, and Chungalas another. Don’t read into it. Nostalgia.

Sorry Maggie… It’s not that I don’t dig farmwork…I just can’t constellate around your Spiderman Spiderman Dil me churaya mere Spiderman

Zork begins… Nor an Eckhardian Lynx

Fail… How does pump 9 gigs into 7? Not easily, that’s for sure

I laughed at Ubuntu because of Ubuntoor Pavanai, the Linux Missionary Position ( alapatty)

coz this image had a dmesg involving “papyrus book sale: coz deep down inside even the purest emacs-maker cultists are___
I thought I was going to get away from this. Lilo Boo isn’t finding windows (family in tension because we won’t be able to watch daily dose of the internet and play Sids’ civilization 4

No more
Metal, says a YouTube ad


Uber Real Card( out of bapu c/o sheds): human (have been|are) saved… They used a focused pattern and not a label

This fan made video is the best… We aaja nach le after this

To the snail video muted…not on phone because sound focus should be the hard focus

Does it look like I’m catering to the labels or picking from my ancient growing offline arrrrrr collection of songs. Investigate the case of the fiio m3k for hidef arrrrr

The dentist is working hard here… Coronaaa

Furious angels followed by Mona Lisa

—– okay let’s do this again

{Music On:


{Music Off:


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