Ich Will, Mein Fuhrer

The Interview goes something like this: Lab coat monkeys surround the Mohawk with the Confuse-A-Cat live spells and technical yippeyahyippeyahs. If you’re looking for them, where would you look for them, in an up to down and down to up fashion? My interface is pretty pumped, and so must be some of yours.

The ‘Experts’ who have to get a good night’s sleep (not including scenarios of non-kshatriya psychic 24X7 battles) with the pills in their cabinet; i’m not talking about Tagara here. After all, you have Facebook that speaks to you. Bootloaders that need more bootloaders… and a machine built by_. [Tower Top: rest of em’ isolation: Charles’ tool: look for the prickly heat source near you… They CORONA’d hard because a lot of things can be easily controlled now, including prickly heat sources of a depressed-class-of-beings-who-thrive-on-infectiveDepression.

Kill TechBoy {Builder Level Quest} (He (And just the He) thinks his fratclub can play r00t with just device control. If you’re expected, as any sane rational security-understanding person would expect, WelKOMMEE!

My World’s Punishment was a little too slow… but cool looking if you’re into just flashy shit.

Non-Violent Approach Recommended.

Get the Slackware Dev team first 🙂

Anand Suresh has a funny Hitler video of Hitler trying to install Linux after getting that C most average 15410 people get. {TechBoy Quest}

Investigate Eckhardt’s Beard and the Chinese Voting Machine Connection

Save the World with GMO Products: (Vegan Mamma knows not the Jungle Quest) but thinks she’s Big Momma

Q and A: “Why is this so painful”

Your state-of-mind is dependent on a number of factors: your inner Sol (truth-narrative) and the collective Sol (that manifests as energy or feeling) of the external world. When there’s a signal transmission, there are a million interpretations, including the poison that is used to stumble us and slow down our progress. You and everyone else have different focuses of powers (Chakravyuhams) each within their Reality(mind-brainwashed) of possibilities competing against each other for MindControl. If the focus is on one aspect of a narrative, whether or not its true, and there’s a feeling a sinking into a lower state of consciousness, ask your mind to go somewhere else. For example, when I go to /r/conspiracy, i get a mana hit because of all the depressing energy fed into that page (shills and government are good at it). That same holds true with Facebook and being around a dude I know from undergrad. And when things are going really well for you and you develop a shine, the local Pyramid Order ->down the network ->HomelessGuy/Neighbor/Masked-DickheadsandDickShroominis target your shine. Psychic Spies from Labels try to steal your mind’s elation… Let’s say you build a village, a commune somewhere else, where you take all your best people (subset of family (if any) or subset of close friends (if any)). You’d still run into minor hiccups every now and then, but have a better state of consciousness. You’re supposed to learn from Life? Who would have thought? And I don’t mean this sarcastically; Chased a lot of things… including the idea that the world of software was coolCocaineMcaafe? When you meet people [Like that girl from the Oxford Debate eating goo], investigate the effect of that action. It may be real, simulated, or thought-send-action-control-by-SithPsychics. It’s a harder game than Among Us… but the least you can do is note the impact all interactions have by being aware of energy, rather than minute things like the colour of your shorts, or the pincode to your grandaddy’s safe in the dream.

Oh, btw, things may have been quite good (relatively speaking) for us, humans. You know the rest… Don’t be silly One-Punch Man Saitama beating up a monster with a legit cause.

The cults who run things, including religion and science (they are the ones responsible for the rift or division in languages), make it a priority to make sure you’re not having that much fun. The easiest way to pin them down (and other not a part of the order negative energy or unharmonic alchemical configurations) is to collectively raise your merriment (have fun/dance) and have a team of Scorpions scout out areas of PricklyHeatChitta. 😉 Oh, someone who found their wife cheating or something can become a focus… so don’t rely on just energy; follow up with an investigation. Upon a crime scenario-high-probability, elevate your privileges and call for backup… who is really pulling your strings when you’re out, reading the Ads, the posters, the subliminal and in-your-face input. Be the Storyteller.

Importantly, Don’t worry, be happy, as much as possible. But cry during a funeral if you feel like it 🙂

I’ll never run out of things to say, Mundane Talkaholic. But i do run out of patience quite a lot, and I don’t always consider it a vice. Music or [Malappuram(MountainTop)Simulation]

Why does Slackware stay persistent with LiloIng even when I’ve setup theNewBios to load from the USB stick first, and not from the Harddisk.

Is Windows getting faster, or is Linux running away in fear?

Oh, Mickey Mouse’s Watch had it’s analog Compass fucked with during a GCDA Menaka Marine Drive. Battery repair session. Hahaha. Just because you build big things that affect a small class of the world doesn’t mean we get to forgive you for that yippeyahyippeyey dance (not counting Gates)

Oh, Katy Perry and the 2 other witches,

Living in an Abbey most sacred

Licking off Honey from Bunnies

How deep does an impalement go?

When Vlad the Impaler, Himself,

Is shitting his pants in Monaco.

Just because one chicken-insignia metal-clad turkey failed to __ [You are the ?]

Yippee Yaaai Yippeee Yayi yeeee Yippie … Go find the Devils in your backyard before you hit the Shed

Don’t Metallica too much… when the Slayer frontman was asked about the name of his album ‘God Hates Us All’, his response was something like “it’s a cool name”; he doesn’t really believe it. They’ve made it cool for large group of people for hundreds of years [Water Management-Control Game]. Investigate anyway.


[Replace Labels with appropriate labels: “German guy sings, American man came… Japanese sing something else, Brahmins sing something else, I sing something else” [Real Storytelling Quest]

}}} The Hills Have Eyes too… Ask Pokherized

No Commands, No CCC… just be free, for once, to build your life (and let others do the same) even if involves only the ‘noble’ ways of buying non-GMO money-things or being an angel by picking have a narrow-list of edible options [psychic energy not included: ask the cows and dogs of Varanasi: good people too, like that guy who guided me when I was lost in the maze]

Snake eater? nope… that was metaphorical bite only. The poison is KittiePerry et. all, but that was there all along. But as One, in a being together sense, you start to actually taste it all.

yep, that badminton match in pokhara clearly had a dominator. Why do I get my ass kicked by Sindarin in a dice game? O’ loooooooooooooo

Stand back, crackers… you lose your honour badge, and prove something very right about technology

pi ^ 1 without truncation

Meanwhile, Greta Thurnbergerella Social Fuzz meets Dr. Virgil Gligor

Meanwhile the shit cults predict:

Movie Night

If you haven’t seen this

the 1990s huh?



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