Operating System154109 Switch

Good Morning! 5 minutes ago or so, the slackware live cd download marked itself as ‘completed’ after much SiliconValleyShed, SeattleEMPMuseumandCemetery and ChungakullamShed Interruptions.

I will seek Nero for the burning… and return once I find my Imperator, the zone for doing constructive things.

But first, Let us meet the Hobbit

Judgemental much? After that Balrog-BlackCat(OwlKitty) incident in the Mines of Moria, Poochie was never the same again

Thank you Winamp, the Lord of Llamas for reminding me of old things new:

Step [3] https://www.nero.com/enu/downloads/ (not an Ad, Ciceros)

Step[4] https://www.mailinator.com/v3/index.jsp?zone=public&query=gandalfdapot#/#inboxpane (bypass email registration) Or Your Best Friend’s email address (nice, Nero… you don’t verify)

Step[5] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyRkWSpagis

They know you better than you know yourselves. Not just the God(s–), but the spirits of the Forest, the Nightwalkers, the WaterfloaterS…

Let your Children live with the memories you were denied.

Let us wait for the code to revive Nero, like Lazarus/OsirisAndHisBennuBird… Ah, Nero was waiting for my Authorization… minimized somehow by Winamp the Llama.

Nero did not last the full cycle of the forever-Waxing Moon. Let us hit the Eggstallation code again.

[Getting setup in Slackdom, so excuse the JarheadGun]

Does the Structure reflect correctly, Amanda Dunham? Fargo is a great film, my 109$ friend of platonic props : JK Riddling

What’s in the Lyrics, man? What’s in the Lyrics? Kami—Ichi—?

[Machine-learning[I know not] auto music lyrics inference from multi-language composite Quest

Don’t get acquired… Free the lyrics, Free the World 😉

Osorezan was performed by seventy singers accompanied by a highly authoritative and psychedelic band (including two ex-Spiders). There was in Japan no previous precedent for such transcendental music, and Osoerzan‘s unfathomable beauty should be compared to a highly extended Doors-influenced theatre piece.” – https://www.soundohm.com/product/osorezan-doh-no-kembai-2

What’s in the Lyrics, Super Mario?

Nero has failed me after much Tamagotchi-Hatching attempts.

The picked him and Gusto’d him for a reason… you already know that, but not everyone

Okays, MicroHard, freely again


Nice job with the Filename Dopethroning. I was impressed 🙂

you know what, I’m going to try Nero again (for the poetry) over Express Burn… Nero 360 degrees of disk curvature.

Some Italians do not consider this Italian… Listen?
Or Gaming Music to be Music… Did you listen?

The Generals-Gathered-In-Black-Masses discuss possible immediate-future narratives:

Don’t Karunakaran this like a shed-builder

[Dream 1 of my first Journal ??]

Exposing Nobility with Stark Reality Spell
Recover SFAI class training LVL1 piece … tower; fading family watches

Do not DOS while I burn the disk into a useful creation. Please, PlasmaBots. Windows is one of the many Crosses all Users have to carry.

poooof… too many projections! subconscious is pretty loaded, huh? with potentialities, illusions and the real; depending on how much you know of the Truth, right?

Nero just backstabbed us… real hard. Ouch. 365 but only a 100 Megabytes? MotherLaluPrasadYadav!

You got the UpaniSSheds… every citizen gets a bouquet, vanity card, and a set of foreign taxi drivers

More, more, more!

>kill -9 nero-soldout; rm -removesubfolderstooDUHDefaultNo? *.*

What’s in a name, huh? Call an array of bytes ‘Nero’ or ‘Express’; Abort, Retry and Fail shouldn’t be the only options.

O Bellini, Amphora of Salvation, I would like to be next ‘TO’ thee (Where’s that old Astral Projection txt file, Internet?). I wonder why Sergey Brin saves (or used to save) webpages offline into his /home directory [Legally]) … Those Youtube Recommendations can give you prickly bytes.

[Inserts – Disk] (If you googled this->http://www.knowledgeofoneself.website/the-conjurations-belilin-magic-circle-jupiter-pentalfa-7/ : It won’t work :D… Makuti, Baby)

Don’t fall into label-dung-virus faulty mental constructs now. Don’t hurt your foreheads with sickles or walls. Lead them into the Sol. Gender fuzz as you are, but don’t veil.

[Builder Quest: Investigate Bijay the Original Pindari’s Story [The Pokhara Lad] and the evolution of PremPindahar]. Investigate the Bhandari Nation-Crossing Land Slide Incident.

[Expose Child-Abuse In the name of Tradition and Social-Hierarchy]

Write and Produce Nepali Film: Kujli Versus Pindari (if you do, I’ll cameo in the harmonica scene)

So DVD-R is DVD-WOnce?

What nonsense… it’s all seeded from a not-so-random-but-random-appearing nonce, right? 8th Grade Stuff.


Okay, Time to Jump Ships… Rebooooooot!!!!!!

STFU… we’re trying to listen to music here… paisa, paisa, paisa, gold, gold, castle, selfie-not-atleast-PHEW
Yo yo yo Mama Jokes now … These guys are their best, live, Zepperellas
Hindsight isn’t 20/20. What a waste of Time. I’m talking about the Verification step? (don’t know)
If you are wondering why Microsoft is evil

Btw, the only patent I signed off on legally is the shitty cross-domain communication (pointless coz CORS) cookie one. Did not get paid for it, yo. Employer happy until now. The others, including the Login CSRF one, I did not sign. Lawyers hounded over email. Salesforce Lawyers forged my Signature? Investigate, :).

How the movie’s( https://archive.org/details/20150519sharktank) [Shark swallowing the Suit] scene ended only a minute ago.

Parasites: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/05/new-low-bad-patent-patent-troll-sues-ventilator-company (collective vs company?)

Let’s not give up.

http://www.knoppix.org/ on USB(RW(N))

[Don’t Project] Same thing I told the C.I.A? guy who interrupted my Qi Gong [Meet N Greet LOL] conference: What’s the point in wearing a black or gray hat if one is doing real Yoga? What’s the merit in being a Shadow Watcher, Shadow Parasite, or HomeInvader?

Oh No ROckStar! Don’t get sued!

woah… that was too violent! made Ichi the Killer seem like a cartoon, because we saw Zuckerberg, not Jay Chuck Norris.

Download कथं

At some point you would want a Hindi song, a Tamil song, A MalayaPalindrome song, a family song, a solo label:: Projections of limited perception

I am a Man_ walks alone for having the BEST time (Sad, but true)… lalalalalala
You’re Waiting… Seen many 4chan.EDU/Poles

is it getting a little too personal? know thyself, right?

Okay, this is funny. Remember CCC?

So Joshua, want to see infinity without being FUCKING-ZEN about it? Want to be Pokherized?

“How can the physical universe give rise to mind” feat LOLCATWUTLIGHTLULDUMDUMNOTPHYSI_CIST


The Fedora Hat gal 🙂

So the quantum double-slit-experiment (property of the Physicists) tells him something and tells me something else…. one eidos reflecting infinitely even in language.

Vin Diesel Geezer explains Magic

I know music can be nostalgic and can take you to the 90s, 80s etc. Your focus is here, Music Is Immortal, Not Just Fashionable. FUCK OFF and listen to


Let’s pick number 1… I’m going to reduce the volume a little; my family might judge

Enabling 0-Prejudice mode… this might be really good or a bieberella

I lasted till 1:20; i guess we all have our subjective taste. People seem to love it (…music Industry…) and

OS Change: Remaining Time: 19 Minutes

I dig Boondocks, just to be clear.

[Creativity Exercise: In real time, visualize your label’s version of Uncle Ruckus]



Dayum… that used to be a good show.


Knoppix used to have a cool wallpaper, I remember:

Dear Duke Nukem…. I forgive the movie:Hercules in Newyork For this piece of you. SmokaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiNNNNNNN (The Mask of Logi)
Infinite Swords? Don’t be Hitlering, like a Parochial who can read but not understand anything other than the GRammaRNazi

I’m being super-trolled by kiddie-multiplication-team; but tell you what babies, Kujli wins the ALL TIME BEST TROLLER AWARD beating the C.I.A (4chan etc..), Gorkhali Express (Sponsored by Nero), and other dishonorable mentions.

Still a Crabtree thing for the n00bs

Hello Fellow Crab People of Same Chromosome COOUNNTS (oops) (46 ahd your 2)
Slow down huh?

“This isn’t… we should do it” : Dudettes and Duderosos, you should do it anyway. The hermetica words “race of purity” should not be interpreted in the sub-species sense or a Mad Max/ThatRacingShootingGameWithCalypso?

Until 4:24

Apparently, the Stone can be ‘usurped’ now? Never heard of it in any know myths. Makuti, Mallooties(Didn’t Age Well)

and youtube/google indexes are so malleable and customized


Now, the next award goes to the most innovative hacking team in the world:

To begin with, i’m not associated with them at all. Let’s go to Rishikesh with an ipod classic. You’re spending a nice night out and tesla coil thunderstorms start. You iPod pops up a cool-menu. I was a little impressed; after seeing some real magic, technical [so many layer|factors|users|usabilityconstraints:GoogleXEngineer2FactorAuthedTo: http://ip.ip.ip.ip:8080? Ask Andrew Hintz or Iulia Ion]. Oh, my last Research Project presentation after figuring out the ‘31337’ lifestyle of BRO BrossardInvestigateHisFall; it was related to how they veil you, feed you with truths-lies-half/truths-distractions-pricklyheatpowder-power. That UFO (we have drones now) video… lol. And that Asian(Mongolian-American) Shaman in-training kid from Safeway? They got my Bootloader :D. Question to the Uber Hacker Man character (not played by me) from Wave 1: Are you really SU? Welcome to the Vortex. Now will you move on to Linux? Not my PC (I have accidental-gift rooted-box, not that the level of pwnage is any different here, or on my ps4, or soon-to-arrive fiio m3k).

Oh, So I was telling Sergey Brin and the team about how I tailgated (the first and real time) into that normal looking Google-X building; he had to interject and say “All employees have access there”. I should have responsed, “Audittrails”. Get it, most humbly cucumberly asking? Like that Avatar lady (immortalized in Horizon:Dawn of RoboVeganBeasts), but male 😀 fuzzed with subconscious content from your reality, huh? that’s why we have different stories for the same thing. Funny how your mind then is the ultimate OS; we’ve known that for many millennia (if you think, you should know).

You know what’s funny? Anyone can get into anyone’s head just with a thought. I think Yawning is contagious and enjoying music/food is focus-grabbing. It’s all the same thing weaved into different patterns. So it matters if you play Asshole, because when you’re the asshole, you get ‘hate’ from those you wrong. There’s no escaping the Social and the Higher Aggregations of consciousness. Earth over my ass any day, right? In the same way as: “In God and Country” variants available in all major people aggregations, where people become murderers or heroes depending on whose side of the fence they’re then standing. The fence isn’t of geographical or energetic nature; it is based on focus… that love you get from those who believe; the hate you get from hate.

This is why they did CoVid-19; if you’re leased and foaming, then all you can do is smother yourself with the core of your being all by yourself.

So those visions with the car race and others: they give us a reflection of perceived reality, and not necessarily just the future. The race is what prevents the flight.

It fell in Pokhara

And just to be clear, my ex-profession (in my linkedin profile) has nothing to do with my current Being. I haven’t owned a phone in 5 years. I love music, I have nothing against technology, and don’t give a fuck about honeypot-i-am surveillance technology. My interface with you is focused on communication, not as a fucking delivery boy or emissary; Storyteller.

Stop thinking in BASIC

If you want out, then get out ever so gently (Butcher would say something else)


[oh/ before we (you an I) forget: Jesper Noehr’s access of my already r00ted mac.

Investigate the tale of the American Psycho Poisoner : Builder Level Quest (cos Masonry)]

I guess the bottomline of this past few sections is that: Don’t get chipped or use their Augmented and Virtual Reality as a WINDOW to Reality. Everything is hacked and if its hacked it is still impossible in theory to know if it is a sidechannel leaker [ask Gligor is a cool dude, French Riviera.

It’s okay if you don’t get it. Usually the energy level [in reflected writings] is a factor of everyone’s perception. If you were offended by or elevated byby Boondocks, a show on Netflix, because I don’t know [PC or the extreme case of RACYYNazi], investigate the nature of the general broadcast (

Your youtube recommendations and binggoogle search results are not organic or reflective of collective opinion. Reverse-Psychology study them [Research Study]

Music is better, huh?

Best Soundtrack Ever: Used in Wave 2 for the Armageddon Spell and trip to Skara Brae

I’m not going out much these days, because COVID-19 has really really affected people’s consciousness. You walk to a far-off village (ChillumDanda) and the men give you a lecture on BOVINE THYSELF faintly over the music of Nature and.. all your great music over a SD-Card reading rectangular box (necessitating a larger carry case for long-battery life). It’s not a rant about anti-technology, it’s a truth-serum about douchebag means of control.

How’s Reza Aslan? Ask him about his Internet Daily Input (makes him feel very good). Even if you watched the movie Cannibal Holocaust as a Doctor or Indiana Jones with a fedora hat, you still wouldn’t be able to empathize with his situation.

So, Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

Will these children stop thinking in BASIC

Then show them [METRE METER TENTASTIC (Old ways of measurement) or _______blinkingCursor]

Stop thinking it’s 1984 and understand their 2067ish technology (Public Key-Crypto History…Know it?)

Only this was somewhat accurate, Mr. Gaiman, in your metaphysical mess:

Techboy played by Sergey Brin and Friends, Zuckdawg, Chinese Goverment HuWAWee, Gorkhali Express…
You get who the Shadow Watchers, Parasites and Gods are now… arch(etym.)


============ Flashttps://medium.com/@100and9/why-all-the-characters-storyteller-632274f365a1?source=———47—————————-hback Time============= [You can Unlock a lot of spells if you internalize this session]

Let’s warp to: https://medium.com/@100and9/the-gates-part-iixii-a4b96efb510b

Oh, Beaudillard(spell-check, fans) people, the difference between simulation and the real when it comes to generating symptoms of your simulated state is in intention. You can pretend to be sick and develop symptoms. A doctor or mother verifying illness based on perceived states subconsciously and consciously emitted from the subject or son, will be at loss. What is real and what is simulated can be determined with energy configuration and the energy configuration’s response to alchemical changes. That is, you sense the internal energy of the supposed patient. Seems to be sick now… but was that intentional. The next step involves a dance that might be called instinctive theory-of-mind based emotional probing. That is, if you’re asking ‘Are you faking it?’… the response can vary from “offended by accusation”(you know the girlfriend routine), “genuinely prepared for that question standard response without chitta change), and so on.

The simulated is not the real but the act-of-simulation of the simulation is real, and in that derived sense, the simulation is real; If we’re all Gods… If those Alchemy books and Yoga books are right despite their makuti… if all our ancestral teachings are accurate.

Our Intelligentsia is trapped in a myopic blackhole… really? is the galactic center a blackhole that is not generative?

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