Kujli’s Tale

Let’s dedicate an entire page for Kujli’s story. Kujli is a 6/7/8 year old homeless child and shamanic minion in training based out of Nepal. They (the shamans running Pokhara) use him for unbelievable things like performing psychic-body-violations of sexual nature in broad daylight. Because he’s a child, there’s no hitting back. I don’t know his story. Maybe this for you to write. Kujli isn’t his real name; the locals say he’s nuts. He smokes and sleeps literally over the road making a scene: vehicles rerouting from his machismo. After all, who has the balls to lay on a busy road and shut your eyes like you’re listening to Mozart. Kujli seemed to be taken aback emotionally, rather than in a hygiene-minded fashion, when a street dog licked him and tried to comfort him.

Builder-Level-Quest: Investigate Kujli’s Master and Network, Rituals etc. I’ll fill in this page when I have more data. [You’re Looking For The Devils TAG]

What’s the Child help line number for psychi__ eh, none. You can’t even look that up, right?; without fancy lineage chains or hereditary poochie perks. How about the resident Baba or Guru; rest assured, if they have that label, they are either fake or are owned by the system.

Did I tell you about the first time I got lost in the Kalinchowk jungle a location nestled close to Tibet? I forgot to carry my tent’s raincoat. It rained, and it was cell-chillingly cold; I spent most of the night in trance in a wet sleeping bag. Torture by accident. My chitta was making a lot of noise and it attracted some attention in the Jungle. My mind saw a weird looking (as in evil looking) bearded-longhaired-indian baba with a third eye. It was projected by certain non-human entities who stay away from human civilization. Perhaps it was who they thought I was? This is weird actually, because when I popped my head out of my sleeping bag, they seemed to change their mind. A lot of evil babas go out into the wilderness seeking powers and causing nuisance to the indigenous benign beings. Anyway, they helped me out big time. Let’s not respect people just because they have a label, I.A.S officers and benign spirits. Oh, those beings showed me the pet birds.

Take it Or Leave it.


Psychic Input ====> (response) to *.*.*.* expecting everyone to use their perception filter of “he’s not always talking to me exclusively”

your head is filled with crap, you’ll see full of crap, and the clouds will not dance to you. If you underestimate the fish, and fuzz the stories,_________ (7-year Patterns of told-you-so and a few oh-that-was-a-miss|but all truth)

———————————————————————– and there wouldn’t be covid-19 ——————-

How’s the translation services working out for you?

Meanwhile, in the other Avatar-Training Secret Centers

Now that we know their confusion-of-da-highest-ORDA techniques don’t work that well.

[Hermetic Homework Due Tomorrow]

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