Hermetica Discussion, Bhutan Snow, and The Tale of Kujli (खुजली) of Nepal

This is more meaningful than charity? Eva Younger (Hermes (Dung Virus victim) Shopping Bag Lady) encouraged me to take a home-tour belonging to the executive of a non-profit (Save the Orphan Trees, Save the Bird) in Inner Richmond. It isn’t a fancy neighborhood or something, but that house was good Cake, even for a ‘tech-bro’. Remember Dharamshala trip I and the army of future I.A.S officers (who serve our Pindari Illiterati) who invaded a peaceful breakfast. [Switching Music]

I’m not writing a book… and this isn’t a draft in the normal sense. This is a limited consciousness upload focusing on output paced with my mind. So I do not apologize for the odd-formats of prose-craftCheesing.

Those I.A.S officer kids all had their non-profit companies. It finally took one responsible old lady to tell them to be considerate of others.

There’s an ancient Chinese says that I want to paraphrase here: Don’t waste the lives of good children with Turd-ThinkTank-Department-Of-ElishitsOfTheShed

No offense. My undergrad friend’s I.A.S father was murdered, and it fucked him up big time because it was a murder by the system and they got away. His father may have been a honest man or a converted Pirate-Builder. Why am I talking about this when we should be talking about the Hermetica and the Union of Everything? Are you going down or up? You thought Bomto Kamdak is the only person I know who was taken out by the Shits? Somehow this narrative is getting a funny smell because of the ‘Indian-Label’ veil. Gurus? They are synonyms for frauds of the highest order, these days. After all, who the fuck calls themselves a ‘Teacher’? I guess anyone with a marginal improvement over the benchmark can be given that tag, a uniform, and an attitude that says “you should touch my feet”.

Bhutan Snow

This is going to be a repeat. Hopefully you know that they paint their homes with vajras to ward off evil. The symbol has potency in the minds of the Bhutanese; to the ignorant foreigner (of various skin-types), it may appear as something else. In the same way as something green looking conjures other things.

So the witch’s image in the older-ride shouldn’t conjure a Amsterdam-Heart scenario.

Let’s go there again: https://medium.com/@100and9/the-gates-of-valhalla-a-poeshelmo-part-iiii-af3deb57654f

[ Sync: I am branched here: https://medium.com/@100and9/the-incomplete-rational-guide-to-god-199eee706af6… we, that is, including the others rocking out (wave 1 yantra consecrated at the Sani temple in Rishikesh during the New Moon] ( use a VM if you are so paranoid…I’m don’t wear hats now )


We are here https://theoatmeal.com/comics/bees_vs_hornets being chased by Japanese Hornets listening to Shiva Hookah

Oh, btw, The publisher The Science Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained sold out big time. Their Astronomy book’s historical research was so damn poor… but the quality of the rest: Very Nice.

We are at the thrilling-shilling conclusion to Bhutanese Snow: https://medium.com/@100and9/the-gates-of-valhalla-a-poeshelmo-part-iiii-part-2-ebeda12d2e06

[Investigate the Drugpa Monastery and the Freezing after-mass-liberation vision: Narrative Bonus Unlock]

Let’s leave Bhutan

On to some light reading:the metaphysical disagreements with small parts ofThe Hermetica which might be a form of veiling/makuti.

Sorry U2 for walking out… found no Sol… the old days?

The female definitely acquires vigour, and the man does too, Mr. Sankaracharya. There may be rituals where things don’t commiserate, but I have no clue; a little too creepy for my taste, that world of Tantra-Cultural-Makutiiieeeed-MalootyInterpretations.

Time to switch from Windows… I am gaming less on this freeze-piece-windooZZZZZZzzzZ

Acquired a Writable (RW(1 of N)X) [Yes]

FInd Distribution (https://distrowatch.com/search.php?category=Live+Medium)

https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=ubuntustudio (lol)

eh…let’s slack off

https://docs.slackware.com/slackware:liveslak (why? because religions are labels, useful and poisonous, depending on how you purify the input with your perception)

https://slackware.nl/slackware-live/latest/slackware-live-current.iso (ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)

Not affiliated with any cults, in including https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_the_SubGenius

Is it metaphysically accurate to split one thing into https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmonia and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eris_(mythology)?

Downloading… […….>]

How well do you trust Windows or Apple then? The best ‘hackers’ (in the reverse engineering sense) sell their 0-days (unknown keys to your digital mind = our reality) for dollars to guy living off cocaine and hookers in Thailand (not Mr.Mcaafe). With that new chip or retinal impact, a Black Mirror Snuff Film! is just a click away for the Audi-Audi-Audience.

http://zerodium.com/program.html : up to $2,500,000 per submission

This is not my sauce… I’m retired … and all that is beyond my attention-neverBeBored-span.

I guess if you have money (to cover up for the lack of talent), any $heikh can be a professional hacker. Salman 31337 ‘Duke’ who crashed Amazon’s drones. That was news too… strange.

Let’s read PublishedThePoisoner’sWords-Newspaper:


Let’s look for clues… [Still Downloading…899 RS Per Month; slow as fuck now, I’m not going to switch to unReliance_the_Puppeteer]

We will get to Hermetica… but all this gossip stuff is a combination of the 5 elements and a manifestation of []. The pieces… put together:

Remember Khashoggi? If you were out to get the media with pitch-forks, Remember Khashoggi… I have no clue if he did it for the truth or if he did it for dollars. Are there honest journalists anymore? is there a career route that facilitates that goal: Newspaper=Papyrus_of_Truth? “System to eisa hai”, “Jungle life, Mowgli” or “Mein Fuhrer” tends to be the usual nature of response.

But you know their fucking names and their home addresses, which creates a sense of accountability.

Let me digress a little bit:

What we get

from this Interview is a lot of fun… all of which was taken away in the next video:

Did he know that he would have to take part in a cannibalistic ritual conducted by a much-disrespeccted=and-makutied sect of black magicians wearing fake skull malas.

so Reza Aslan got fucked real hard on tv… his reputation stained… a walking cannibal fooled by a group of black magicians who were paid good/Secret-Society-Perks to make him a Pindari… on Reality TV. And notice how Aslan is scared throughout, possibly unaware that he might have been forced into a sensationalist piece besmirching a lot of people and religions. Haha, Tulsi Gabbard… nice timing,huh? This is SOLO PLAYER, not a CO-OP for Aslan… and a MULTIPLAYER-GLOBAL for them. Know that the Octopus has many names stitched together with Power. Aslan’s CNN Manager gave Aslan an assetive “I think you should stay”[First Episode, after all] when Aslan tried to get away with what was left of his ‘humanity’. The fucking Media made it an “Aslan is trying to be edgy for views” or “Shame on India[Yes… I tried to slap one these motherfuckers in Pokhara Story[Unlock Later]”. Does Sadhguru drink his own pee like Morarji Desai who lived to be 96? ewwwwwww… Plants think our pee is wine, but come on: Don’t be Bear Grillis and Modi’s Crocodile.

2.6 of 4 GB left… 30 minutes left. Korean Internet > Chungakullam Shed Internet… Chungakullam Shed Temples (without Ganapati abuse) > Korean Monastries

Score: Korea[100000] VERSUS TheShed[????]-MyScore[????]

Negative? WTF! Did you add my Entrance Rank to the Score? What a shame!

AH, CNN (you know that video, foxes) got the last cruel laugh. How can you look at Aslan now without thinking of pee (Robot Versus Rajnikanth Diplomatic Mutual Likes:haha]

You remember how the U.S army blew up an Al Jazeera office. CNN deserves a little more than that. Good thing American citizens have such an impressive arsenal of skills (violent and non-violent) and are more woke than most sheeps. FUCKEMCNN_AfterInvestigation_BuilderLevel_Quest

Time for King Of Tokyo Battle Royale: Result[Death in Tokyo by Panda with Bamboo: MechaDragon Down] https://medium.com/@100and9/king-of-tokyo-c17d022ca8d7

Back to Hermetica after Left+LD+Down+LR+Right+Circle+Square:
define yajna (Sanskrit Exam)
Book Worm Hermetic Challenge: Why is Hermes wrong in placing Humans over Gods? Bonus points if you use Hermes' own earlier arguments. Bonus points if can prove the metaphysical invalidity using an elegant and simple metaphor. 

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