Exploring the Dendera Zodiac

Entrance Rank: 6044… I am not Amith, I Am.

Why is Among Us so overrated, OOOOOOOOOO’ Monetized Arjuna? Give me an answer to this profound question.

O’ Lanooooooooooooo! Or was it Lanuuuuuuuuuuuu!? Let’s cast a seance spell (after R&Ding how it works) and contact Miss. Blahblahtskie. Necromancy is not cool… Seance is alright. You saw Hereditary, the movie.

Before we explore the mysteries of the ancients,

The Chungakullam Shed Movie Review|

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Sorry for the commercial interruptions… unfortunately our relationships, whether digital or visceral (not that they are mutually exclusive), tend to be very parasitic. I stitched together a song about it once. It sucks.

Here it goes:

What’s up with all this white-space^, Worddepress.com? Medium.com’s acquisition does a much better job with soundcloud previews. I digress…

Our first film is The Greatest Action Film of All Time:

It’s not about fancy pants the-proto-samurai/shatriyaWut? who were bound to dicks and fail at life. One can only pity their minds as they miserably try to follow their heart when all is lost. It’s about the chosen ones who call out to the skies in berserker rapture: “WITNESS ME!”. Blind, but with maniacal passion for the blood and fire rush. It is about warriors who march into their Valhalla to the reverberations of their Electric Bard. The hero smiles reservedly for the first time giving a thumbs-up before death. He who controls the waters calls out: “MY IMPERATOOOOR”.

The next road is filled with furries: A comedy that is destined to be a classic for the read-between-the-liners. Do not miss the party!!! scene with William Dafoe Jr, Hitler, Poochie and Bob Marley.

DJs don’t write their own songs, right?

The key to watching Get Duked is — not a spoiler, mind you — is to combine all the four into One.

https://www.dictionary.com/browse/dj (You did not know this… District Judge)

Pardon the White Space, you racist.

When i first maybe saw a cast of the Dendera Zodiac at she-gave-you-a-wrong-pronunciation, I had no clue how significant the symbolic content of the piece was. Beyond doubt, not all is revealed… and maybe some revelations were altered deliberately (sounds okay does’t work in english, but looks okay tends to work well for words you’re used to seeing a certain way.’deleberate’ looks weird) given the time period it was constructed… I am referring to the Greek influence. I have nothing but respect for the ancient Greeks and many of their ways in which they grasped the higher spheres, Leonadeses of the 300 party. Come on, what do we have now? Boys, Red-Underwear Man, SergeyBrin-Versus-ElonMuskRatFromFantasticMisterFox, and the Tale of Poochie in III books.

We start with a few words from Hermes the Three Eyed, great when it comes to the art of thrice-guzzling beer and ambrosia, a legend when it comes to unveiling the light, and Amith when it comes to kicking symbolic ass.

Before, we start, let us invoke the God of Learning and the holder of the Moonstone.

Samael still is an arch(etymological root)-Angel.

Let us invoke them all in time, in Time, IN TIME [like somehow this is not a repeat of something we forgot]

Focus: https://ia801503.us.archive.org/12/items/theInfinityCodex/035.jpg

Are these really the words of the Enlightened Hermes, or the addition of some pompous pseudo-twice-born priest. Very likely the latter, as Western Thought, or Scientific Thought is still encoded in Alphas, Omegas, Deltas and UP-UP-psylons. We’re in Space, mini-skirts! I call these additions and alterations ‘makuti’, derived from the Sanskrit word that represents a collective edict [Al Jazeera News etc.] to the Commoners. These days we are all supposedly Equal with equal access to information, wealth and rabbit poo; therefore makuti in the old sense would only make sense in the narrative of surrender-you-basic-rights-coz-Corona316. Don’t get me wrong, I have family in MumbaaaaaaaaaI dealing with it now. The hoax is that it came from a bat or platypus, that there was some ‘social and genetic’ engineering involved; and maybe, the numbers don’t statistically make sense in an virus=exponential-growth kind of basic-mathematical-common-sense. I confess…I digress… back to the Ancient Lands.

The Westerns hit back! So no need to pick on the new James Bonda villain (Inglish Bergmann). Let’s not devour Prometheus (Anglo-Saxophone-Ullman)

“Sanity is not about being understood. It is about maintaining a socially-acceptable symbolic and concrete interface” by [Doctor Peter Pooter Potata Potato]

Cough! Cough!

… meanwhile in phonetically sweet sounding Egyptian, Jar Jar learns to read ancient Egyptian from the Greeks.

It would be less funny if i did this the time I get to the Pyramids and start reading the ancient tongue:

Many painful throaty gurgles later the Pyramids might start to float. Nothing against Russia by the way; this is a part of Internet Kulture II.

So the Dendera Zodiac might not be fully accurate. Many constellations can be switched places without actually affecting the symbol-to-star-keymapping for occultation. After all, knowing certain cosmic patterns –not talking about omniscience which is a Curse: who the fuck wants to know what your neighbor is doing to etc. or when you’re going to die etc. [Spoiler Alert] — enables us to make sense of Life. Life is woven with Time, isn’t it? A burst of Being with its sensory feeling, thoughts, companionships, nano-bursts of energy condensed into an non-quantum-mechanical world that we call Our Reality. When you remember the past or read about some person through the eyes of another person, you’re stitching individualized condensations with limited{perception and memory storage}. If one were to completely lose sense of ‘Time’, would you [be anything but inert] Or [be everything and redundantly the inert [Rhesus Munkey Question]]. Even the Voidwokens will wake up to That Question, and Batlin’s final solution to the mystery that changed the fate of Brittania. To Not To Be is out of the question. You don’t need to be a seer to realize that.

Let us look at folding time again:

https://www.louvre.fr/en/oeuvre-notices/zodiac-dendera | The stinger behind Sagittarius is unclear in some digital renditions.

Worddepress… you gotta allow full-scale viewing of user-uploaded images easily… it might there in your rocket ship. Focus Mode:https://www.louvre.fr/sites/default/files/medias/medias_images/images/louvre-zodiaque-dendera.jpg

The Age as we know in unocculted notions is the constellation that carries the Sun as day starts during the Vernal Equinox. Pisces or Aquarius, according to this idea; the co-ordinates that mark the constellations may have been ‘corrected’ several times; there is at least one documented case in the last century. Now I know this doesn’t mean much to most people, and this discussion might mutate into the much dreaded energy sub-reddits of conspiracy, alternativehistory, nofap mana generation etc.; that’s okay, because I love those sub-reddits and the variety of clues it offers among the simulated dung of spy-posts-automated/shills on the beach.

I was having breakfast and rocking out to music one morning 3 or so years ago in Rishikesh. A tubby Ultima-Noble looking gentleman appeared and asked me if he could join my table. I forget his name, but I remember he introduced himself as a Freemason. Ah, the people in the table behind me exchanged bits of words and knowing with him. We had a great conversation. He advised me to use the area between my eyes for focusing-defocusing everything. We talked about a few things, and at one instance I broached the topic of our Current Age/Generally-Known-Trend-Of-How-Things-Are. He was visibly a little disturbed by the question. You don’t talk about certain things because leaking the Temple’s secrets is punishable by death: The Third Degree Master Mason test. If the Police Force fails at this, they’ll send the army, as though a Washington D.C covenant was made by the Founding Fathers during the forging of BioShock:Infinite. Every mason’s wife must have heard the “If I tell you, I will have to kill you” excuses their husbands make even when they’re going to a strip-club-DukeNukem-HandGunning. I limited my relationship with the Institution at the level of ‘Courtship’ before the Welcome Party/Black Ball, but many brothers became good friends. But as you all know, the Institution is the People, even though by People i mean a fraction of the people-base.

Sorry for the earlier poser occultist imagery. I used to like Holy Mountain. I used to like Neil De Grass Mike Tyson

This isn’t an astrological question, mind you? Astrology in the current sense is about people mapping the universe into 12 buckets of possibilities. This is an astronomical and How-Does-The-Universe-Affect-Us as seasons change question. We commoners are trained to initially think of religion (Universe over a Turtle or God’s MY-PRECIOUS-ORCHARD) and other older sciences in a retarded fashion.

The thing is: I don’t know what age to map to based on our currently most faithful to mythological themes zodiacs. I see Scorpio everywhere, but anachronistic to the decan of Belit (in Virgo). It also makes no sense from the duration of the precession-of-equinox for Osiris to join Isis.

Did you notice the Bull of Heaven (Taurus) looking at the Sirius Cow of Isis (now a Lesser Dog or something)?

Yeah, it weaves out a structure of time, understood in mythic terms by our ancestors. And by myth, i mean real things, but of an epic non-mundane scope. There is nothing mythical about building a Batmobile and catching some 2-nd grade thugs and 1st grade psychopaths. The real thugs are the mentat-overlords who design our being.


I mean, Come on Googlers, Why would an employee take time to design a metre sized batman logo and emotionlessly hand it over to Larry Page and have Page say “The Saga Continues” Source:ThatFridayThing

<Major Quest: Investigate Larry Page’s and Sergey Brin’s plans for Humanity 2.0 [Major Experience Points]> (Mother Goddess says “Larry and Sergey are Evil” in Engrrishh, my mentat language. Why?) (huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh? huh?) [Antisemitism, racism, anti-technology label narratives get Poochie Negative points, bungholios]

I thought you didn’t use the metre. I’ll stick to the rules of maximum-understandability-and-expressability at my current state of mind. Spell check or grammar check for me… I am drafting this like a chimp slapping at a typewriter. Please endure my ophqf0ejwifepuhfandslm

The Bull looking to the Cow in the Zodiac indicates many things. We know Osiris is associated with Orion … and the Mother with many constellations and stars, including Sirius. Someone might bring up how the King’s chamber and Queen’s chamber of the Great Pyramids point to certain stars during mega-auspicious times. Though being specific with these ideas is easy if you can travel there and have the right tools and training, it is a taboo area in modern academic circles. 108 is sheer chance! fluke! Waterboy, I saw twice, foosballers! What we can infer is that the characters are all linked in time and beyond time, because they repeat themselves eternal. This is the idea in which we use the word ‘Mythic’. It is not just modern religions or movies like Species (NATASHA HENStridGGESSKy) or Pirrratos of the CarriBlackAdderNotbean that mimic this pattern. I’m trying to look up that story of the Naga couple from Indian Folklore. There are many variants in Jainism, Buddhism, and Hindusim, just sticking to this small part of the world. All I get when I search for nagini is some high quality PewDeeDeePops

For the Elite Hackers: “Dude.. Honeypot… Do you not get? Are you seriously not aware of what a honeypot is? Would I really put something in here if it mattered like that? File Open Count and other metadata should tell you. Sorry :)”. Being a noob is about not getting it right? rather than being good at asm/dasm and just cocking some dollars and peer-mana out of it

[Insert Dance Image of someone aesthetically ‘okay-uhmm-yeah–nothing that skips the heart’]

Okay, back to less funny things:


Ewww makuti for our real devil archetpe priestly classes and their researchers. Gods aren’t biological or human, but older cults and religions can be slowly demonized with authoritative bullshit

You’ve read John’s apocalypse and about the Whore of Babylon. If you’re out hunting The Devil card, like a twice-born warrior or priestess returning from the underworld, start looking at the area of thought-control and reality-control. The so-called authoritative shites who ring us with their dung viruses and glamour are good vessels for such an entity, if it metaphysically exists in your reality. I doubt that the Gods would really be bothered by what one section of a species believes in. Not ‘expendable’, but ‘Cute’. There may be those who believe in a literal Discworld… or a Middle-Earth or Tamriel that correspond to places we know. But hey, they lied about the Cake…

There is a lot of Cake! They’re eating it; that’s why we have the Coronation Virus and not a Dead Poet’s Society.

What? Third Wave Entry? Pffffffffffffff

Belet is Belit/Virgin-Mary/Isis

Don’t project into an old Thundercats Love Story. That was Wave II.

So Bollocks and the Poor Come-Back Kid have been makuti-ed/occulted again, and Goddesses seem like villainesses out of an Indian Mega-MeloDrama. What was that TV series the Ladakhi Homestay family enjoyed watching?

Nice Lyrics, Bro Bro Bro

Sorry for the previous song. Actually it is a [Source Power] Item for a behind-the-lyrics-quest.

Replace the word Paganism with Roots [Source: The Hermetica by Freke and Gandy]

I’m not saying that we should demolish the images that we cherish, rather we have to elevate them to a higher subjective truth (if it doesn’t make sense to you, you are just hosting an authoritative idea. Your mind is full, but heart, empty…), so the journey turns from ‘bearable’ to ‘woo hooo!’. The track they’ve built for us does not lead to the cake as the atheists argue with reason and wisdom despite their incomplete Truth: wars, life-exploitation, soul-exploitation, dead-horse abuse… do I need to go on? We could pick up a Buddhist book or a Buddhist influenced book (like the currently available literature on the Nakhis) and come to similar conclusions. There are ancient Egyptian spells to cheat at the heart weighing process during the afterlife; there are Vedic spells to transfer a bad dream to a victim; to pick the side or ship of a power-equals-consciousness-control-aggregation that we now refer to as ‘religion’ is to separate oneself from the other music of the Orchestra Supreme.

There are some great papers about the Dendera Zodiac with exhaustive details pinning eclipses, planets, and so on; but what we need is meaning, not a Jeopardy! candidate regurgitating authoritative opinions of what and how things are and may have been. The veil is so strong… the veil! the veil! the veil!

You project symbols into newer narratives… who is surprised here? Nobody

Okay, enough dendara-ing for now. I have to take part in a simulated train robbery. The thing is: knowing certain things (that might happen to you in the future) is something that really helps me in the process of re-organizing my Being. When it comes, it comes, and with clarity. It isn’t an Obsession (or Bad Habit) to divine everything. Why would you want to know when you’ll really get your unaltered m3p player on amazon or who you might bump into while going to the mall (for chai, hi-bye etc)? Sorry, this isn’t San Francisco with its wonderfully close parks for communing with nature. Presidio or GGP? Sunset in Ocean Beach with the Whales? The Old sense of ‘Mall’? The Big Tree where all the elders gather? No, a fucking shopping mall straight out of The Boys.

But hey! it’s good to know the couple will be back soon. If they’re together now, there would be some serious shaking.

With no Games
With Games … Sarah Brightman learned from Muad’dib HAKKKKKKAAAAR


I want to carry on something from here into today’s discussion.

Upcoming [1] Mindmapping : Dharana Focus Externalization Technique by Triple-Pindari

Let’s Bocelli some Rice

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