Rant’Oooooo Monetization

I just realized that WordDepress includes Ads in freely hosted sites. Sorry about that. Please install AdBlock or other cool Ad sucking products. I Know that worddepress has to pay for their servers and salespeople, but I do not agree with the practice of shamanic monetization. It’s all about communication of ideas!

Oh, if you like the music, support the artist, not the shaman playlist maker.

Investigate the Hipsterness of this playlist: [Side Quest: Homiebama Story Unlock]

Not so monetizers: Investigate what happened to Fiona Hickman of Spiritual-TShits, i mean T-Shirts-_____ {Site Down wasn’t me} {What else went down wasn’t me}{Fiona realized her Husband was gay: Not me} [Side Quest: Unlock Pyramid Order Information Sources]

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