The Infinity Codex

The Infinity Codex is a magic book on alchemy and prophecy. It was completed in Pokhara during the Coronation Virus crisis; its creation has no origin, like all work derived from divine inspiration. The actual book consists of images created in watercolor, wax, pastels, feather, and a score of other objects of potency; this made the process of digitization a particularly hard process. Several images require light sources to illuminate hidden layers, and I haven’t uncovered them all yet.

The Codex contains Infinity; it is up to the seeker to empty his or her self and dedicate a significant amount of time to uncover its secrets. The imbued magic will change and mutate with its public release, but the power of one’s heart will reveal all. The world is changing, and it is this change the the codex will reveal to the seekers of Truth.

The book is available on’s generous platform. I will include a few images here for your enjoyment; an actual study will require a closer look at the images; the viewer will notice that patterns will magically appear and disappear. Certain characters and beings might even interact with you if you are ready.

Download Link:

Oh, if you don’t believe in magic, you might want to check out this video:



[Cheers to the Plants: Take me Home, Masters]

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