Dream Crimes III: An Unveiling of Modern Day Dreamscape-Witchcraft Techniques

Let’s do this again

This is a third take on a research area that I introduced and expanded in earlier waves ; while reading the older essays isn’t necessary to continue reading, it is recommended for those interested in exploring my earlier perspectives and accumulating more information. I do not copy-paste-regurgitate them here.

O’Keefe in Stolen Lightning writes:
“witches using imaginary weapons (such as sending their souls flying through the air to suck out a man’s liver while he sleeps)…”

For the scholar interested in the nature of this essay, it is a combination of real life experiences and academically published accounts; the former comes from the memory of the author-magician, while the latter consists of second-hand accounts by sociology and anthropology ‘experts’ who fit information they have collected through fieldwork and word-processing-work into the worldview or model espoused by the politics of their branch of accepted Science. This is why O’Keefe is forced to specify the means of a witch as being ‘imaginary’ as opposed to that of the Sorcerer who ‘plays the game’ in objective reality. Though I find real experiences to be more valuable than politically controlled academic narratives, I include academic accounts for breadth, depth and universality; but I choose to ‘fix’ their limited and politically-and-scientifically correct occulted-models for the benefit of the reader who may be new to this rarely openly talked about area. Witches astral project and devour the energy of their victims like parasites. My goal is to expose them, neutralize them, and open the mindspace for exploring defenses and counter-attacks; that said, even experienced dream witches may benefit from this research in developing their parasitic ‘art’.

In popular media and art forms, these witches who devour are known by other names. In the Elder Scrolls series, the player can choose to be a ‘Vampire’ that feeds on the blood or life-force of sleeping victims. Vampires cannot go out during the day, and this is a reference to witchcraft initiates who are forced to be underground and whose true nature and abilities are unknown to ‘normal’ people.

Feeding at 4:00

In reality, a vast subset of Priestly Class members who control our civilizations, perform the ghastly predatory act of manipulating people in their dreams. Those who are not members of their power structure were traditionally labeled as ‘witches’ and persecuted. These days, persecutions of witches and even legitimate but independent healers happen in secrecy, so that the materially-scientific working/earning class whose characteristic is that of productivity isn’t drawn into this exclusive world of spirit and power. Thus, by design, the area of dream telepathy and other forms of ‘magic’ is occulted from the eyes of the weak know-it-all-by-design public.

My first revelatory experience with dream manipulation began 7 years ago when I started courting a FreeMason lodge in San Francisco. Although I had successfully managed to astral project when I was 17 or 18, I was too distracted by certain scary encounters and life changes to fully explore the possibilities. One of the members of the lodge, Robert Haines, appeared in a very strange and plastic dream. Certain other people associated with the lodge ‘co-incidentally’ started pushing narratives associated with the dream. This piqued my focus, and as I started publicly documenting some of the startling abilities of our fellow human beings and their veiled demonic nature, I earned more adversaries and their dream manipulations. My journals are littered with too many isolated as well as connected man-made dreams, though there is a small fraction of synthetic dreams from secret well-wishers that could be considered beneficent.

I want to describe a series of connected dreams and objective world simulations in detail so the reader can have a concrete grasp of the techniques of modern day witchcraft. During one of my smaller forest retreats in Ooty, not less than a year ago, I had a Brahmin-constructed dream in which a young man about my age appeared. He showed me the face of someone I knew from my undergraduate years (2003-2007) judging the quality of my earlier unedited and raw writings; i had already known about this, but this was obscure information. A considerate degree of magic was dedicated to make him look charismatic and the memory of his dream lasting. A few months later I found myself in Apex Guest House at Pokhara. One evening while heading back to my room I saw a young man sitting in the common area of my floor. His face was lit as he looked up at me the first time; it was him… his name was Rohit. the first few encounters with him demonstrated that he understood how psychic energy worked and that he was a Kaushik Brahmin employed at a local bank. What followed were a series of ‘games’ that ranged from the base sending-of-sexual energy-to-the-target-to-create-discomfort to spreading outright lies and rumours concerning me. Kaushik knew who the secret masters were, and that he had to stand up in their presence to win their grace. After a month of games, I moved to a different hotel. That wasn’t the end of it. He would later appear in a dream simulation where I punched a random child molester to a bloody mess. He had a secret society watching out for him, feeding him information that increases his power, and controlling his narratives. When one enters the domain of Vampiric attention, with or without one’s consent, they bring to you a constant game of subtle and at times faintly overt Mortal Kombat.

Mute the Audio please … Die Die Die my Darling

I killed Rohit in the Waters; his wailing mother who knew everything appeared in a few hours and left me with a pimple. Good Riddance. I gave him a much gentler fate than what his group had intended for me.

Can we live up to the Sun Flower?

This relatively recent incident illustrates the power of secret societies and their operational abilities in manipulating the minds of the uninitiated. Their power comes not just from mana, but also from secrecy; this is why the best way to fight Vampires is to bring them to daylight. Religious and Tantric literature describe various other strategies such as never losing awareness even when one falls asleep and spells; they haven’t worked well for me, as of now. I find that imagining a true scenario that neutralizes the content of the poisoned dream tends to be very effective. Let us explore this:

In one dream, I saw my mother selling street food to international vampires masquerading as Indian locals; they were trying to ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ me. My mother is a retired Malayalam teacher, and while she is far from what one would consider a Mother archetype like most mothers these days, she ‘sacrificed’ a lot to get her two children educated. Iterating this truth after a synthetic dream negated the subliminal effects of the dream as well as dominated the foolish dream vampires with light.

In another recent dream, a group of girls were enacting a Swayamwaram, a ceremony where the girl picks her husband among a set of suitors. Your sorry author was unfortunately picked by a North-Indian girl called Neha who gifted a cheap stone ring that did not fit. Though I did not consciously play the role of a suitor, the narrative that was forced through dream simulation had a diminishing effect upon waking up. I felt a foreign sense of ‘high school crush’ for a Vampire child I didn’t care about. The ‘spell’ was easy to break: The Boy and Girl have to mutually pick each other, and Neha’s brushing her bosoms against me during our first encounter earned her a very reputable nickname (रंडी Neha) among the shamans who surrounded me and witnessed the dream as well as my spell. Just a thought can affect the Waters that our Vampiric overlords so jealously guard over. Even the act of putting this out into concrete reality in the form of a blog post further ‘sunders’ their beings. They are the true beasts, satanists, and dung viruses plaguing humanity. You scare only the weak, Covid-19.

It goes without saying that one must remember one’s dreams to effective counter dream manipulation. Keeping a dream journal is a proven technique to master this. I knew old ladies in Pittsburgh who documented every single dream they’ve had since the 1960s.

Besides just narrative manipulation through forced telepathic hypnosis during sleep, vampires/witches can also corrupt one’s energy, weaken physical organs, create infections and diseases, and maybe even kill. I haven’t directly seen an instance of dream-related murder yet, which is why I say ‘maybe’; it is a highly probable ability that one cannot easily test. After all, there are shamans who can alter the shapes of clouds and patterns on stone; I could exhaust a few kilobytes and days if I expand the scope to the non-dream related abilities of supreme alchemists.

There are many ways to get out, but statistically limited to the two The Electric Wizard declared

Amulets and Talismans that are imbued with the pranic energy of a shaman who acts as a protector is another avenue of exploration. During any pranic energy manipulation, the imbued pranic energy can act as an intrusion-detection system. I’ve met 2 or more magicians who have claimed to be able to provide such services, but I know of no authentic and beneficent guardians who actually do this with pure intentions. If the Amulet or Talisman is empowered by a malicious entity, then it only extends their power over you. An authentic priestly class’ function should be to provide and develop such forms of security to anyone in need.

Glamourising the Vampires

Unlike the the premise to the movie Inception, incepting ideas or false memories is child’s play to experienced vampires; the first Haines dream scenario is a straightforward example of this. They can do it with just a conversation, a facebook post, or a Google Ad; and if something more core to their target’s being needs to be altered, then they resort to dreamscape magic. The upcoming realms of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality furthers their abilities to unimaginable dimensions.

Head to 1:07:00 [Spoiler at 1:10:30]

The laws of karma are universal; they come into play regardless of whether you believe in universal justice and harmony. Retaliation against vampires may not be always necessary as the Universe works everything out alchemically. This is true even when it comes to our actions towards other forms of life. Within a year after the first dream simulation I covered in this essay, Mr. Haines, one of the perpetrators of the narrative shift, lost his wife to cancer; She deserved better and is probably in a better place now. While it isn’t sensible for us mortals with limited intellects and knowledge to relate events to the laws of karma, what happened to Haines makes narrative sense: The Vampire who was out to destroy families had his taken.

Certain classes of love magic involve a combination of dream manipulation or occulted-forced-telepathic-hypnosis and objective-waking-world suggestions and simulations. One such simulation involved Bhargavi Vishwanath, a Tamil Brahmin NRI then working in China with an American accent. She was incidentally learning Tibetan at the same time as me in Dharamshala. She is also a maid to the Vampire class. An Apex Dream Simulator by the name of David Nyzinski from the U.K (The Queen’s Shed) showed up a week later after I started my classes at Esukhia. I first met David during my Tibetan alphabet and reading exam with Rinchen, the early Director of the Institute. David enjoyed the vocal resonance of my test overtly, but later began to systematically laugh at my early-stage Tibetan skills. David let me know his tar-spewing Jack-the-Ripper-weds-Ozzie-Osbourne form in an early dream. In one of David’s dreams, he had set up a succubus for me; the succubus did not play according to the script when I rejected her advances, and I personally saw David step in and have a conversation with her. Why did David not take a different form? Power, baby. Untouchable Motherfucking Baby Vampires. They’ve built a narrow minded society of know-it-alls where anyone openly talking about ‘dream magic’ becomes a good asylum candidate. The top-level power structures justify the need for hiding or occulting the ‘psychic sciences’ from the masses in the name of preventing misuse. In reality, those in power give zero shits about Justice or the Truth. Hiding possibilities from the realm of our thinking allow them to better feed on us Blood Bags! We’re going to get them all.

One day when David and I were having coffee at a local coffee shop (your classmate’s interruptions during your solitary caffeine-book sessions is socially acceptable), Bhargavi showed up. David was insistent that my face had ‘light up’ as Bhargavi appeared. Around that time, Bhargavi had written down her number and conspicuously handed it over during my one-on-one session with one of the instructors. The Gall Bladder! Several ripped pieces of paper later, another Tibetan instructor (Yonga) chuckled as she watched me literally run away from Bhargavi, the seemingly nice looking passive cow possessed by a hereditary class of bottom-feeding witches. David was lying, and if my body language had deceived me, it was probably because I enjoyed a stray thought. Facing rejection, Bhargavi disappeared from the scene. A few months later in a short-burst dream, a Brahmin Geezer accused me of seducing her with shine. We see the same things and tell each other different stories.

Esukhia, the Gelugpa-facepainted school run by Tibetans-in-exile, was working on a new centre in China last I heard.

Sorry Bhargavi, but Fuck Off. We have enough Parasites in the area.

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